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Rebel Traders™ Podcast

Rebel Traders™ Podcast

Podcast Rebel Traders™ Podcast
Podcast Rebel Traders™ Podcast

Rebel Traders™ Podcast


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  • RT221 - Take It To The Edge
    First off the markets are buggering around again (as usual). It’s a bull trap... No... It’s a bear trap!   Patience is critical and while we were all set to fill our boots on Monday morning and outlined a solid plan of action during our group mentoring call. Come lunchtime, the markets flipped 180 degrees.   So, in this week's Rebel Traders Podcast we talk about when to pull the trigger and the skill of NOT pulling the trigger, and why that is so damned important.
  • RT220 - Hit The Bull
    The markets are diverging, pausing and Phil is having a nervous flamingo breakdown. All joking aside, these are interesting times as what we talked about 2 months ago is coming to pass as we said. The money flow is hesitating and resetting and that is time for profit... If you stay on target! So, in this week's show, we're talking about targets, where to aim, and how to hit that Womp Rat in Beggers Canyon in your T-16 (ok nerd reference... Deal with it!) So, strap in, let's get this party started...
  • RT219 - Micro Analysis on a Macro Market
    Well, the markets have been crazy (again) this week - across the board AND the world...    Do we care? Not really... Why? We always lean toward the pure chartist side of the ledger as the story is RIGHT there... And when we DO look at the funny-mentals and tune into the talking heads, it often does nothing more than confirm why we prefer not to listen to them. In this week's podcast, we cut through the BS and get to the core, eliminating the noise and filtering to the actual trades that are RIGHT there on the charts... 
  • RT218 - The Stock Market Is A Scam!
    It's a scam! Said every trader who hasn't seen a "Green Day" outside of a rock concert! "Buy the Dip," they said, as they buy into another 2% down day. This no-lose trading robot looks really good! (Do we really need to comment on that?)   We've heard it all before, and we've all been there. A big part of the problem is not what you think the problem is. There are so many ways to make this trading thing work that it makes it hard to choose something right for your specific situation. That's what we're going to do in this week's show... and get YOU on track!
  • RT217 - Highway to the Danger Zone
    Have you ever just sat there staring at the charts? Not sure what to trade, what the chart is telling you?  Well, buckle up buttercup, its time to jump in the cockpit, go full throttle and watch as the markets do a 4G negative dive while we're inverted at 2 meters while keeping up foreign relations. And if you get that reference, you are awesome ;)

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