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Latinos Out Loud

Podcast Latinos Out Loud
Podcast Latinos Out Loud

Latinos Out Loud


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  • Red Carpet Ready w/ MichellAdonna
    On this episode of Latinos Out Loud, we reach the final scene of LOL’s coverage of the NY Latino Film Festival with our newest star, Red Carpet Correspondant, MichellAdonna, as she recounts her live experience chatting with some of the stars of the fest.
  • Our Presciliana Esparolini in Santiago
    ¡Qué pasa, gente bella! What’s good? Other than ‘Our Man in Santiago’, of course. The comic spy thriller is directed by Mark Wilding and is currently playing OffBroadway at the AMT Theater. We had the opportunity to chat with Presciliana Esparolini, one of the show's stars. Listen up!
  • Los Espookys Out Loud!
    Join the LOL crew as they sit down once again with the cast of Los Espookys. This time they chat with Cassandra Ciangherotti, Ana Fabrega, Julio Torres, and Bernardo Velasco about Season Two. Plus some Qué Lo Qué!
  • Bochinche Bites aka Bochinche Besos with Bad Bunny at the VMAs
    On this episode the LOL crew have a special edition of Bochinche Bites where they dish about Bad Bunny's loose lips during his MTV Video Music Awards performance, Queen Elizabeth passing away at 96, and the Queen of Pop MADONNA shooting a music video with Dominican rapper Tokischa in Washington Heights.
  • Season 2 Talk with Ana de la Go-Getter aka Ana de la Reguera
    On this episode of Latinos Out Loud, Rachel gets to kick it with actress Ana de la Reguera.  Her award-nominated comedy series, “Ana” follows a fictional story based on her life, facing many challenges in her personal and professional life with humor. Picking up where the first season left off where Ana discovers that the contract she signed with her agent is not the ii jleading role that she thought it was. In the îsecond season, Ana will try to keep her sanity as she continues to deal with her mother who now lives with her in Los Angeles, all while starring in a TV series reminiscent of bad 90s sitcoms.

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