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Podcast FM4 Reality Check
Podcast FM4 Reality Check

FM4 Reality Check


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  • In Depth: Klimanews Weekly climate psychology and climate anxiety
    Climate activists are often dismissed as "hysterical" or "eco-doom-mongerers" Chris Cummins speaks to sociologist Tobias Rüttenauer and psychologist Caroline Hickmann about how is more rational: those who throw soup or those or stick their heads in the sand?
  • In Depth: Africa and the Climate Crisis - COP27, Respect and EACOP#
    Africa is on the frontline of the climate crisis. Will COP27, hosted on African soil, be a chance for African countries, which have so much to lose, to push for more urgency? And having suffered so much from fossil fuels, should countries such as Uganda be build new oil pipelines like EACOP?
  • In Depth: US Midterms: No red wave, but small shifts that make a difference
    Steve Crilley talks to Reinhard Heinisch of the University of Salzburg about the results and what they mean for the US moving forward
  • In Depth: Klimanews Weekly on Nuclear Waste
    The world is hungry for energy alternatives to fossil fuels. Can we afford to ignore nuclear? Finland says it has found a solution to the lethal waste issue that has plagued the nuclear industry, but is it too good to be true.

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