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Back 2 Work

Podcast Back 2 Work
Podcast Back 2 Work

Back 2 Work


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  • Episode 597: The Bronze Hour
    DISCUSSED: Dan has a new concern; some thoughts on resistance; Merlin shares a new insight on creativity and sleep; Dan has FU directly from the Nosferatu band; Merlin serves a turducken of suggestions related to text editing; and, finally, Dan needs your advice on wallets, while Merlin makes a case for currency. e597-calamari
  • Episode 596: Turkey Legs in the Renaissance
    DISCUSSED: Merlin is playing with his new dingus; Dan almost talks about wallets; try Tailscale to make your stuff work better together; why you (yes, you) need a VPN; Dan is getting enthused about Obsidian; Merlin is freshly re-enthused about Daytum; and finally Dan is very excited about a Dracula he saw.
  • Episode 595: Blessèd Vessel
    DISCUSSED: Halloween Follow-Up; exit interview for Season 4 of What We Do in the Shadows; how Apple could build users' confidence and stimulate their curiosity with better documentation; Merlin makes his case for spreadsheets as your potential place where stuff goes.
  • Episode 594: Honey Sun Bear
    Fortunately, Merlin had thoroughly prepared for 62 minutes of lizards, Morgellons, animal powers, and Tom Cruise. e594-bears
  • Episode 593: One of the Eel Women
    Sleep, practice, infrastructure, power, and OCD are themes. As per usual. e593-power

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