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And There You Have IT!

And There You Have IT!

Podcast And There You Have IT!
Podcast And There You Have IT!

And There You Have IT!


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  • How to Reduce Organizational Complexity with Dev Ops
    A well-run organization can be complex and operate beautifully like a fine timepiece. However, many organizations that don’t analyze and evaluate complexity end up running inefficiently like a Rube Goldberg machine. Join us to learn about managing organizational complexity as a business objective, how to begin analyzing complexity, and methods for simplifying it so that your organization can operate more efficiently, innovate without unnavigable roadblocks, and release high-quality products and experiences faster than before.
  • 7 Essential Components of a Data Governance Program
    In this podcast, “7 Essential Components of a Data Governance Program,” Wendi O’Neill, Director, Data and Analytics, and Lee Pierce, Healthcare Chief Data Officer, cover some of the essentials of a successful data governance program. Listen to this episode to learn about: The definition of data governance Reasons why organizations struggle with data governance 7 essential components of a data governance program Guiding principles for a data governance program How data privacy intertwines with data governance, and more!
  • Cloud and the Foundation for a Successful Digital Workforce
    The modern workforce has become more dispersed and remote than ever before, and IT teams are looking to implement strategies and technologies that address key challenges such as fragmented or insufficient security, operational complexity, and disappointing employee experience. Though many organizations are recognizing the benefits of supporting a distributed workforce model, they are also realizing that effective support must be long-term and address technology-related challenges that were less problematic when remote work was still a short-term strategy. In this podcast, Cloud and the Foundation for a Successful Digital Workforce, industry experts Andrew Young and Ryan Humble, discuss some of the obstacles to distributed workforce success, and ways to overcome those challenges.
  • Achieving Secure and Simplified Success in the Cloud
    In the drive to transform and modernize, cloud continues to be the critical foundation for success. But, for some organizations, obstacles have stalled the progression of key business imperatives. In this podcast, we speak with industry experts to understand how a managed cloud service provider can help organizations secure the strategic benefits of AWS while allowing their team to focus on delivering business value.
  • How to Accelerate Your Software Development to New Speeds
    Put your software delivery pipeline in "turbo mode" by enhancing your DevOps methodology with Agile principles, containerization, continuous integration, continuous delivery, and other modern practices. Join us to learn more.

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