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  • #103 Healing with Nature, The Philosophy of Yoga & Smart Investments with Cristina Lope
    Hey Podulters! Apologies for the sporadic episodesi I hope you will forgive me. In this week’s episode, I speak to Cristina Lopez. Cristina is a neuro-performance coach, living and working in Madrid. I first met her about 8 or 9 years ago when I went travelling, and we reminisce a bit in the episode. We discuss the three things she wishes she had been taught in school, namely; learning how to heal and work with nature / speaking to nature, the philosophy of yoga  and how to leverage your own personal assets to create personal wealth/ learn how to be a smart investor over a corporate agent. I really hope you enjoy! Oenone See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • #102 Body Acceptance, Media Literacy & Self Love with Kitty Underhill
    Hey Podulters, I hope you're well! In this week's episode I speak to model, speaker and soon to be coach, Kitty Underhill. I came across Kitty after a discussion over on my instagram about boobs and we discuss this in the episode, as well as the three things Kitty wishes she had been taught in school. Kitty's three things are body acceptance, media literacy and self love. I hope you enjoy and as always please do rate, review and subscribe! See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • #101 Social History, Media Ethics & Public Speaking with Jason Okundaye
    Hey podulters, in this episode I speak to Jason Okundaye. Jason is a journalist and he is currently writing his first book, Revolutionary Acts : Stories of Love, Brotherhood, and Resilience from Black Gay Britain . We discuss the three things he wishes he had been taught in school, namely social history, media and media ethics, and public speaking. At the end we speak about identity politics and how our attitudes towards it and the ‘privilege’ discourse are changing, which I personally think is quite an interesting topic. Especially as this podcast has centred itself around those things for a while so it’s always refreshing and interesting when you find yourself growing out of - or growing beyond - an idea! I hope you enjoy listening (can’t believe this is episode 101) as always please do rate, review and subscribe! See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • #100 Everything I've Learnt From The Podcast
    Hey Podulters! We made it to 100 episodes, I can't quite believe it. That's over 6018 minutes (I could be wrong here, but I tried to add it up), and so so close to 4 million downloads. To celebrate this, I thought I would do a solo episode about what I've learnt doing this podcast over the past three years. It took me a few goes (APOLOGIES FOR THE DELAY), but hopefully this one sort of encapsulates just how transformative this podcast has been for me. I am sure there are a million things I have forgotten to mention, but 100 episodes is a lot! Thank you all so much for listening, thank you to all of my guests, and thank you as well to Acast, I hope you enjoy mwah xxx See for privacy and opt-out information.
  • #99 Following Your Intuition, Diverse Communities & Human Nature with Rutger Bregman
    Hey Podulters! In this week’s episode I speak to Rutger Bregman, he is a historian, author and speaker. I’m sure if you listen to the  podcast regularly you will have heard me mention his book, Utopia For Realists, multiple times. Unlike pretty much anyone else I have spoken to, Rutger said he was pretty happy with everything he had learnt in school 🤣 but that’s mostly because he doesn’t really think our schools are fit for purpose as they are. We discuss following your intuition, the importance of diverse communities and why humans are actually really kind, deep down. I really enjoyed recording this episode and I hope you enjoy listening, Rutger’s latest book, Humankind, covers a lot of what we talk about in the episode! As always please do rate, review and subscribe 💜 See for privacy and opt-out information.

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